About Pinch & Pour

Taste the Experience

Try all of our oils and balsamic before you buy and enjoy the taste of the diverse flavors hidden inside the best extra virgin olive oil, premium aged balsamic vinegar and specialty oils. We bottle our oils and vinegars as purchased from the same stainless steel container you sample from, so you know you're going home with the same product you sampled. Our passion is to provide you a unique tasting experience of extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars grown from around the world and personally brought to you in Fargo, North Dakota.

Premium Oils, Balsamics and Spices

Artisan Cheese in Fargo, ND

Treat yourself to the deliciousness of our curated collection of specialty cheeses. We offer your the best selection of artisan cheeses in the Fargo community. We select exquisite cheese at the peak of ripeness to create the most beautiful cheese boards for any occasion.

Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie